4 Tips To Renovate Your Outdoor Spaces With A Shallow Natural Pool Oasis

In the past, inground pools were mostly standard sizes and designs that were only available with deep areas and in specific shapes. Today, you have many more options for installing a new inground pool for your home, which can also include natural pool filtration and shallow water depth. Here are some tips to help you renovate your outdoor spaces with a shallow natural pool oasis. 1. Plan the Location of Swimming, Filtration, and Water Features Read More 

Tips For Properly Maintaining Your Hot Tub

There are so many reasons to have a hot tub in your backyard-- it provides a great place to relax with family and friends, and the hot water is great for soothing sore muscles. But, if you're going to own a hot tub, it is important to know how to care for it so you can use it without any issues. Properly maintaining a hot tub is not overly difficult, but you will need to devote some of your time in order to keep your hot tub in great condition. Read More 

Advantages of a Pool Ionizer

Pool ionizers are an alternative type of pool filter that make use of an electric current passing through particles, usually copper, which then are distributed throughout your pool's water. Due to this unique method of operation, pool ionizers provide a number of distinctive benefits to the pool that they are installed in. Understanding what a pool ionizer has to offer can help you decide whether it is the right fit for your needs. Read More 

Create A Romantic Setting In And Around Your Spa On The Night You Plan To Propose

If spending time in your spa with your significant other is an activity that you both enjoy and you are planning on asking them to take your hand in marriage, create a romantic setting beforehand. On the night that you are ready to pop the question, your loved one will be pleasantly surprised with what they see and experience and may not hesitate to answer yes to your question. Original Serenade Read More 

Parts Of A Hot Tub That Could Be Causing A Leak

If you're going to fix a hot tub leak, you have to determine where the leak is coming from. There are numerous components of a hot tub that could be the source of a leak, and finding where the leak is coming from is an important part of stopping the water and preventing water damage in your home before the repair technicians can arrive.  Below are four areas of your hot tub that it's important to inspect if you notice a leak: Read More