Can You Build A Pool On Your Hillside Property?

If you've recently purchased a property situated on a hillside, you're probably already enjoying your scenic views of the more low-lying areas beneath you. However, you could also be longing for your own pool or spa to help you properly enjoy these views on a daily basis. Is it possible -- or safe -- to build a swimming pool on hillside property? Read on to learn more about the construction of these unique pools, as well as some factors to help you decide whether this is a good idea for your property.  

How can pools be constructed on hillsides?

Unless a hillside is too steep for you to comfortably stand or walk, it should be suitable for pool construction. Contractors will need to excavate a portion of the hillside to create a flat or slightly slanted surface for the pool's base, then construct a retaining wall against the hillside to protect against erosion. You'll also need to have wooden deck stairs constructed or paver or stone stairs embedded into the surrounding earth to allow you to safely and easily access your pool.  

You may also be able to place an above-ground pool on hilly land. Depending upon the angle of the hillside, you may either be able to excavate the hill yourself with a small front-end loader or build a retaining wall and fill it in with dirt, placing the pool on top of this flat surface. 

What should you consider when deciding on a hillside pool?  

Your decision to construct a pool on hilly property will depend on a few factors.

  • Budget

The extra cost to excavate or build a retaining wall can increase your budget, so if building a pool is already a stretch financially, you may want to put off construction for a few years to save up extra funds and ensure a quality job is performed. When done right, a hillside pool can add significant value to your home -- but a substandard pool can require frequent repairs and may even eventually need to be replaced.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining a hillside pool shouldn't be much different from maintaining a pool constructed in a flat backyard. However, you'll need to take the extra steps of periodically checking on the retaining wall or flat area surrounding the base of your pool to ensure it's still level and not forming any cracks or crevices. Repairing these issues quickly is key to keeping your pool in like-new condition for years to come.

For further assistance, contact a local pool company, such as Contemporary Pools Inc.