Is It Possible To Convert A Chlorinated Pool Into A Salt Water Pool?

If you're a homeowner with a pool, you may have heard about salt water systems. Although salt water pools are still a new concept for many homeowners, this radical new technology is helping homeowners avoid some of the downsides of pool ownership. If you're a homeowner who already owns a chlorinated pool and would like to know about what it would take to get a salt water system, this article is for you.

Is it possible to convert a chlorinated pool into a salt water system?

Yes, it's possible to convert a chlorinated pool into a salt water tank. To do this, you'll need to have a salt water converter installed on your pool. The converter works with your pool's existing equipment to convert salt into chlorine, which in turn cleans the water and keeps it clean.

Are there advantages to converting your pool to a salt water tank?

The advantages of converting your pool include:

  • Eco-friendly. Salt water tanks are environmentally friendly.
  • Low-maintenance. Because the salt uses electrolysis to create chlorine, salt water tanks don't require any chemical additives, unlike chlorinated tanks. This means that your only pool service after making the conversion will be standard swimming pool repair service, when needed.
  • Easier on the body. Salt water pools don't turn a swimmer's eyes red, or their hair green, unlike water from chlorinated pools.

Are there downsides to converting your pool to a salt water tank?

Salt is corrosive, and over time can do damage the metal parts of a pool, like the diving board and the railing. This means you may need to work with your pool repair person to ensure that the metal parts of your pool are either removed from having contact with the water, or are replaced with plastic.

If you get a conversion, will the salt water in your pool taste salty?

The salt content in salt water pools is very low. In fact, the salt content of salt water pools is less than that of human tears. Many people do not taste any salt at all, but some people who are sensitive to salt may notice a faint flavor in the water.

For more information about how you can convert your chlorinated pool to a salt water pool, speak with your swimming pool installation and repair person. He or she can discuss with you whether or not a salt water conversion is right for your pool.

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