Tips For Adding A Hot Tub To Your Backyard

A hot tub is a luxurious addition to your life. It can also increase the value of your home. However, gone are the days of simply sticking the tub outside and calling it done. The tub needs to be a part of the landscape as well as your lifestyle. Design a space that highlights your new hot tub.

Choose a Prime Location

The first, and probably biggest, consideration you'll make is where to put the hot tub. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, a hot tub takes up space – specifically 30 feet for round tubs and 48 feet for rectangular ones. Likewise, the filled tubs are heavy, so some extra floor reinforcement may be necessary. From there, also look for a location with easy access to the house but that provides a little privacy. The deck is a common location, but a corner of the garden works well, too.

Build a Shelter

You don't want the vagaries of the weather dictating when you use your hot tub. Instead, build a shelter to make the tub comfortable any time. If you're locating the tub in your yard, a gazebo is a classic structure for protection. However, a pergola works well, too. With either structure, you can also set up a system of fabric panels to provide extra shelter and privacy.

Add Landscaping

The way to make the hot tub cohesive with the rest of your backyard is to have it blend into the landscape. When selecting plants for around the tub, look for ones that are both luxuriant and clean, meaning they don't drop leaves or seed heads into the water. Queen palm is a good shade tree. If you're looking for privacy, consider a screen of bamboo or papyrus. If the goal is adding color, consider pretty flowers such as hibiscus, day lily, bird of paradise or fortnight lily.

Make it a Destination

The ultimate goal of designing your hot tub area is making it a destination. First of all, remember that you and your guests need towels and a changing spot. Include hooks for robes or towels as well as a bench for lounging. Next, don't forget you may like a beverage while soaking. Consider adding a table for your beverage or even reading material. Finally, have the space around the hot tub carpeted with waterproof fabric to make walking around the wet space comfortable and safe.

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