Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Your New Pool Deck

Once your new pool is installed, it's time to pick out the ideal furniture that will help you enjoy the space more. With the right chairs and tables, you can create an outdoor room around the pool where you can entertain guests or just relax and watch the kids swim. Here are a few ideas for your new outdoor furniture.

Dining Set

A dining set is useful around a pool. Your kids can take a quick snack break at the table or you can use it to work on your computer while the kids are playing. A dining set also creates a focal point for entertaining guests and it creates additional eating space for your family. The key is to choose a set that is ideal for outdoor use. Aluminum is a great material for the frame because it is lightweight. You'll be able to move the table easily so you can stay in the shade, or push two tables together when you're entertaining.

Aluminum is also very durable when exposed to rain and UV rays. It won't rust or deteriorate. You can buy inexpensive tubular aluminum or more expensive cast aluminum that has intricate details. Aluminum furniture comes in a variety of colors too, since it can be powder coated. Plus, you can enhance the appearance and comfort of the chairs by adding waterproof pillows and seat cushions.

Lounge Chairs

You'll also want lounge chairs around your pool. These are great for relaxing and working on your tan. Comfort is very important, so you'll want to try out the chairs before you buy them. You should probably buy the most expensive lounge chairs you can afford if longevity is important to you. Inexpensive chairs won't last nearly as long. After a few seasons, the chairs may fade or break down. Sturdy wood lounge chairs made from cedar or wicker are good choices. These should last for several years. They come in a variety of colors and you can change your decorating theme any time you want by replacing the cushions.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

You don't want to litter your pool deck with too much furniture, so look for pieces that perform double duty. For instance, ottomans can be used for extra seating, and you can buy benches with built-in storage areas where you can keep pool toys or cushions. Your dining table can also double as a shady oasis if you buy a table with a center sun umbrella. You can also buy chairs that change position, so you can pull them up to the table when it's time to eat, and then flatten them out when it's time to soak up the sun.

The outdoor furniture you choose for your new pool can transform the area into an extension of your home. Instead of being wasted space, with the right furniture arrangement, you can cook, entertain, work, and relax around your pool when you aren't splashing in the water.