4 Hidden Expenses That Could Occur When Getting A Pool Installed

While you should already be aware that getting custom pools installed can be a costly investment, there are a number of extra things that you may need to pay for which you're not aware of. In order for the installation of your pool to go smoothly, you'll need to set aside some money for the unexpected. Instead of going through with installing a pool blindly, consider the following four expenses that you may experience.

Having to Knock Down Fencing

Getting a pool installed requires heavy equipment to be brought in for digging and for the pouring of the interior of your pool. If your backyard has fencing around it, you need to be prepared for some of the fencing to be removed. This may be added to the cost of installation, or you may be responsible for moving the fencing on your own-- either way you need to prepare for the costs involved.

Removing Trees

If your backyard has a lot of trees near the area where you intend on the pool being installed, you'll need to get them removed so that the pool has somewhere to go without roots or stumps in the way. With the average cost of stump removal being around $300 and an entire tree costing about $1200, this is an expense that you may need to save up for before focusing on the pool.

Repairing Landscaping Afterwards

With all the equipment being brought into your yard and the construction involved with installing the pool, you need to understand that your yard may not look its best afterwards. This could be due to flowerbeds being removed, patio spaces getting dirty, and the landscaping near the new pool looking bare. Putting aside money for landscaping can help make the addition of the swimming pool the best fit for your property.

Problems Under and Aboveground

Even with all the preparations above, something can still go wrong due to the kind of soil pool installer workers are working with, or weather conditions. While it can be hard to prepare for problems under and aboveground, you should be aware that extra costs may be involved with the installation of your pool.

With the average cost of a 32' x 16' in-ground swimming pool being around $22,000, you may be hesitant to move forward with the installation. Taking into account the additional costs involved with pool installation can help ensure you can move forward with this major project and won't run out of money due to unexpected expenses.