Parts Of A Hot Tub That Could Be Causing A Leak

If you're going to fix a hot tub leak, you have to determine where the leak is coming from. There are numerous components of a hot tub that could be the source of a leak, and finding where the leak is coming from is an important part of stopping the water and preventing water damage in your home before the repair technicians can arrive. 

Below are four areas of your hot tub that it's important to inspect if you notice a leak:


This probably is the first place you should be inspecting on your hot tub when you notice a leak. Pump leaks can develop over time with regular use. These leaks often originate because of a worn or faulty pump seal.

You can tell that your leak is coming from your pump if you notice water droplets forming at the seal. A seal leak will typically require a complete replacement of the seal. 


A leak in the heater could be located at the heating apparatus or at the pressure switch. One area of the heater where leaks commonly develop is around the rubber seals over the heater.

Over time, these seals can become hard and brittle. This leaves them susceptible to developing water leaks. 


Leaks in a hot tub can also come from plumbing and union fittings. When you notice a leak, check the union joints surrounding both the tub and the heater. 

Remember that you should never be tightening unions with a wrench. This can cause damage and put too much pressure on the union. This pressure can not only allow leaks to develop, but it can also cause unions to completely break off so that they'll need to be replaced.

Unions can be tightened with the bare hands, and tightening them in this way is more gentle and offers better results. 

Jets and connections

Over time, jets and other connections on your hot tub will become worn and susceptible to developing leaks. This is especially true after a period of time during which your hot tub is getting an especially heavy amount of use.

A minor leak in the jets could possibly be sealed off with just a sealant, and homeowners can often handle this job on their own. However, a larger leak in the jets or connection will probably require servicing from a professional technician. Large leaks in the jets typically require the entire housing to be removed and replaced to stop up the leak effectively. 

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