Create A Romantic Setting In And Around Your Spa On The Night You Plan To Propose

If spending time in your spa with your significant other is an activity that you both enjoy and you are planning on asking them to take your hand in marriage, create a romantic setting beforehand. On the night that you are ready to pop the question, your loved one will be pleasantly surprised with what they see and experience and may not hesitate to answer yes to your question.

Original Serenade

Purchase a waterproof microphone and portable radio that has a connection that you can plug the microphone into. Listen to a romantic song that your loved one enjoys and practice singing along to it until you are confident. Write a poem or small statement that describes how you feel about your loved one.

On the night of the proposal, hide the radio alongside the spa until you are ready to profess your love to your mate. The tranquil surroundings and warm, bubbling water will relax your loved one as they sit back and enjoy the presentation that you have prepared for them.

Soft Lighting And Finger Foods

Turn down the lights and set up some battery-operated flickering candles alongside the edge of the spa. Plug in some strands of lights that emit a soft glow over the spa so that you and your partner can gaze clearly into each other's eyes. Prepare some simple finger foods, such as grapes or cheese slices and arrange them on a floating tray before setting it in the water.

Purchase a bottle of wine or sparkling cider and and set it in a bucket of ice on the ledge surrounding the spa. Place a couple glasses next to the bucket. The peaceful surroundings and food and drinks will satiate you and your partner's hunger and thirst and will help you both feel content in the moving water.

Floating Ring

A cup holder that floats will make the perfect place to hide the ring you purchased while you are preparing to give your proposal speech. Place the ring in a waterproof bag or plastic container and attach it to the base of the holder with waterproof tape. Place a small glass of a refreshing beverage on top of the ring and offer it to your partner. Gently push the cup holder towards your loved one so that they won't have to reach in order to retrieve the glass.

Once they pick up the glass, their interest may be piqued as they see the bag or plastic container. At this moment, ask your loved one to give you a couple minutes to speak. Directly look at them and ask them if they would be willing to spend the rest of their life with you. Chances are good that they will say yes and will be deeply touched that you have prepared a special evening for them.

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