4 Tips To Renovate Your Outdoor Spaces With A Shallow Natural Pool Oasis

In the past, inground pools were mostly standard sizes and designs that were only available with deep areas and in specific shapes. Today, you have many more options for installing a new inground pool for your home, which can also include natural pool filtration and shallow water depth. Here are some tips to help you renovate your outdoor spaces with a shallow natural pool oasis.

1. Plan the Location of Swimming, Filtration, and Water Features

Before you can begin construction of natural pool design, you will want to make sure that you know where you want the swimming area. You will need to work with the pool contractor to plan the pool and swimming area, as well as the essential filtration features that help keep your pool water clean.

2. Landscaping Plant Features That Provide Natural Pool Filtration and Privacy for Your Oasis

Landscaping plants can be integrated into the design of natural pool filtration systems, as well as provide you with privacy for your pool area. Consider using taller plants like canes, tall grasses, and aquatic shrubs in areas where you want to have privacy the most. This is also a good solution to separate the filtration zone from the shallow swimming area.

3. Improving Water Quality and Filtration Performance with a Natural Lazy River Feature

One of the aspects of natural pools that is important is the volume of water and surface area. This is important because it reduces problems with organisms and algae growth and improves water quality. An option that you may want to consider increasing the surface area and volume of water to improve filtration is a lazy river feature. Building the lazy river with enough depth to float in an inner tube will give you more enjoyment from your investment.

4. Personalize the Natural Pool Design with Beach, Hot Tub, and Private Hidden Grotto

There are also personal spaces and private features that you may want to add to shallow pool design. Grottos are a great option to add relaxing features to your natural pool, which can be combined with a hot tub for a relaxing therapeutic space. Another personalized design feature that you may want to add to the design of your natural pool is a beach area that blends the pool deck area into the surface of the water in your pool.

These are some tips to help you renovate your outdoor spaces with a shallow natural pool oasis. If you are looking for a relaxing natural pool design for your home, contact an inground pool service for help creating your relaxing backyard space.