Does Your Pool Need A Facelift? 3 Ways You Know It Is Time To Invest In Professional Pool Resurfacing Services

Having a pool is one of the best additions that you can have in your backyard. The beauty of the pool is that you get somewhere to exercise, relax on a hot day, and even entertain friends. However, even with the best maintenance, your pool will age with time. If you do not observe the signs of aging and manage them, it can look less attractive and unappealing to swim in. Old and worn-out pools also develop mold, fungi, and rot, which are health hazards. The best way to manage age damage to the pool is by investing in pool resurfacing services. 

Here are signs that will help you determine if it is time to hire pool contractors to resurface your pool.

Does Your Pool Have Stains?

Stains on the floor of your pool can result from algae, chemicals, minerals, leaves, and natural debris. Other common types of stains are the bluish ones caused by copper in the pipes and metal particles from the pool heater. If you come from an area with hard water, the water's mineral deposits can line the bottom of your pool and interfere with its smooth finish and appearance. 

You can try removing the stains conventionally, but consider resurfacing your pool for a new and fresh look if the stain keeps coming back.

Is Your Tile Grout Corroded?

Tile grout at the bottom and the sides of the pool also ages and gets eroded with time. If the professional you hired for the installation did not handle it correctly for the first time, the grout would get corroded fast, and the tiles will pop off the floor. 

You can choose to reinstall classic tiles when resurfacing the pool, or you can have replacement materials such as fiberglass. Professionals will resurface your pool correctly and restore your pool's beauty.

Does Your Pool Have pH Balance Problems?

One of the reasons why the pool surface gets damaged is pH imbalances. If your pool is continuously acidic, the water will cause leaching of the tile cement. It accelerates the damage caused by other factors. Low pH can also lead to damages to the pool's metallic parts and rusting. However, after resurfacing the pool, the experts will seal it against corrosion and limit the effects of low pH.

Leaks and erosion marks are other signs that you have pool damage. Hire experienced pool contractors for an assessment and resurfacing to restore the beauty and functionality of your pool.