4 Hidden Expenses That Could Occur When Getting A Pool Installed

While you should already be aware that getting custom pools installed can be a costly investment, there are a number of extra things that you may need to pay for which you're not aware of. In order for the installation of your pool to go smoothly, you'll need to set aside some money for the unexpected. Instead of going through with installing a pool blindly, consider the following four expenses that you may experience. Read More 

Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Your New Pool Deck

Once your new pool is installed, it's time to pick out the ideal furniture that will help you enjoy the space more. With the right chairs and tables, you can create an outdoor room around the pool where you can entertain guests or just relax and watch the kids swim. Here are a few ideas for your new outdoor furniture. Dining Set A dining set is useful around a pool. Your kids can take a quick snack break at the table or you can use it to work on your computer while the kids are playing. Read More 

Tips For Identifying And Tackling A High PH In Your Pool

As a swimming pool owner, you should understand the importance of the pH level of your pool water. If your pool water has a high pH level, that means that the water is too alkaline. High pH levels can be problematic for many reasons, so it's important to monitor the pH of your pool and adjust it right away if it's too high. Here is some basic information about why the pH level matters and a few reasons why yours may be high. Read More 

Tips For Adding A Hot Tub To Your Backyard

A hot tub is a luxurious addition to your life. It can also increase the value of your home. However, gone are the days of simply sticking the tub outside and calling it done. The tub needs to be a part of the landscape as well as your lifestyle. Design a space that highlights your new hot tub. Choose a Prime Location The first, and probably biggest, consideration you'll make is where to put the hot tub. Read More 

How To Remove Black Algae Spots In Your Pool

Those tiny black spots in the bottom of your pool that just aren't coming clean with the pool vacuum aren't stubborn dirt. It's most likely black algae spots, and while they can be very difficult to remove, it is possible. These spots arise usually in really warm conditions and with pools that don't have the right balance of chemicals. See below for instructions on how to remove these black algae spots and how to help prevent them from coming back. Read More