Is It Possible To Convert A Chlorinated Pool Into A Salt Water Pool?

If you're a homeowner with a pool, you may have heard about salt water systems. Although salt water pools are still a new concept for many homeowners, this radical new technology is helping homeowners avoid some of the downsides of pool ownership. If you're a homeowner who already owns a chlorinated pool and would like to know about what it would take to get a salt water system, this article is for you. Read More 

Can You Build A Pool On Your Hillside Property?

If you've recently purchased a property situated on a hillside, you're probably already enjoying your scenic views of the more low-lying areas beneath you. However, you could also be longing for your own pool or spa to help you properly enjoy these views on a daily basis. Is it possible -- or safe -- to build a swimming pool on hillside property? Read on to learn more about the construction of these unique pools, as well as some factors to help you decide whether this is a good idea for your property. Read More 

6 Reasons To Choose Sectional Patio Furniture

Homeowners looking for the perfect patio furniture option should consider the advantages of a sectional patio furniture piece before making a purchase. Sectionals are typically large, L-shaped pieces of furniture that are frequently seen in living rooms. For many patios, their layout provides the most luxury and convenience possible thanks to the following six advantages they offer: 1. Taking full advantage of available space Sectionals are typically more bulky than patio furniture pieces that only sit one or even two people, and they are therefore only suitable to patios that offer a fair amount of space. Read More 

Options For Fixing Tears, Rips, And Holes In A Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner

Vinyl pool liners are very popular in swimming pools, because they are affordable, nice looking, and relatively durable. The downside to vinyl pool liners is they can rip and tear, which is why they typically need to be replaced every 10 years or so. If your vinyl pool liner has some rips and tears in it, you could consider replacing it, or you might want to try to push off replacing it for a few more years by patching the bad spots. Read More 

Five Ways To Get Your Swimming Pool In Fantastic Shape During The Winter

The winter is often a time where the pool and most of the backyard goes unused due to colder weather outside, making it the ideal time to service the pool and take care of any necessary repairs. In order for your pool to be in the best condition once it begins warming up again, you should look into what kinds of things you can do for maintenance on your own. Read More